Lakeshore Camera Club
Founded in Pointe-Claire 1957

The Lakeshore Camera Club Constitution

As amended, January 3, 1979


Name - The name of the club shall be "The Lakeshore Camera Club"


Purpose - The aim of the club shall be to aid and benefit by mutual cooperation those interested in photography.


Membership - Any person interested in photography may apply for membership in the club. All applications are to be approved by the Directors.


Directors and Executive Officers - The Executive Officers of the club shall be President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past-President. The Executive Officers and Chairmen of workshops shall be Directors of the club. All decisions concerning activities and expenditures must be approved by the Executive. In the absence of the President, the 1st Vice-President will officiate.
If any office other than that of President should become vacant, it shall be filled by appointment by the President for the remainder of the term.


Election of Officers and Workshop Chairmen - At least one month in advance of the Annual General Meeting a nominating committee shall be chosen by the Immediate Past-President, who shall be the Chairman of the Committee, to present a slate of Officers and Workshop Chairmen for the ensuing year at the Annual General Meeting, and, after calling for further nominations from the floor, the election of Executive Officers and Workshop Chairmen will take place.


Workshops- Usually comprised of Creative, Nature, Prints, Slides, Programme and any other groups sanctioned by the Executive Officers.


Meetings - Regular meetings of the club shall be held as determined by the Executive Officers. Directors or special meetings may be called by the President on fourteen days notice by mail. The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than April 30th each year.


Quorum - Three Executive Officers shall constitute a quorum at all Directors Meetings. Five members in good standing shall constitute a quorum at all General and Special meetings.


Auditors - An auditor shall be appointed by the Executive to examine the cash accounts and inventory of equipment, prior to the Annual General Meeting, and issue a report.


Dues - The Annual Membership dues shall be decided each year by the Executive.


Amendments - Amendments to this Constitution may be made at any time by a majority vote of all members in good standing present at a Special Meeting of the club called for this purpose.


Disbandment - In the event of the club ceasing to function, by mutual consent of the remaining active members, the President and Treasurer are empowered to dispose of the assets of the club and to pass the proceeds together with any funds remaining to a worthy local charity.

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