Lakeshore Camera Club
Founded in Pointe-Claire 1957

A/V (Audiovisual) Competition - Official Rules

In the Audiovisual Group you will create your own digital slide shows set to music and/or sound using your own photographs. Your show should have a theme or story associated with it.

An A/V show is primarily a photo presentation which may include video. The video portion should complement the overall presentation and not dominate it.
The presentations can be up to four minutes in length. Any presentation submitted that is longer than four minutes will not be accepted.
For judging purposes, you must omit your name from any image and from the presentation credits.

Any slideshow found not to comply with the above and below rules (or to the given theme if applicable) is subject to an automatic disqualification accompanied with an email notification. Questions about this competition should be addressed to the either the AV group.



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