Lakeshore Camera Club
Founded in Pointe-Claire 1957

People Competition - Official Rules

In order for an image to be considered for a People competition there must be one or more persons represented in your image. The person(s) must form a significant part of your image (i.e. they must be the main point of interest and not be arbitrary in nature). While people photography most often shows a person’s face it is not a mandatory requirement and images may show details of a person as well (hands for example) so long as the details shown are significant enough to support your image and for a viewer to ascertain that they are human in nature. Images may be posed or candid and any amount of creative techniques (panning, blurring, silhouetting etc.) are allowed so long as the person(s) are not so altered as to no longer appear human in form.

Any photograph found not to comply with the above and below rules (or to the given theme if applicable) should be marked as not adhering to theme. Questions about this competition should be addressed to the People group.


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