Lakeshore Camera Club
Founded in Pointe-Claire 1957

The Club's Interest Groups

The Lakeshore Camera Club’s program is composed of many interest groups, listed below. Members are welcome to attend and participate in any or all of these groups and their outside activities. Throughout the season our program consists of a mixture of guest speakers, information sessions, photo challenges, field trips, workshops that include a summer program, and official competitions.

Our groups and chairs

Architecture and Interiors
Norm Horner / Raymond Fong send email to the architecture group
Olga Kowalweska (Vacant) send email to the expressions group
Alex Brzezinski send email to the a/v group
Lina Lepore / Ron Harper send email to the fauna group
Brenda Chance / Olga Kowalweska send email to the flora group
Daniel Benn / Gerry Vincent send email to the landscape group
Lynn Wilson / Aline Beiruti send email to the people group
Peter McCabe send email to the print group

In addition to group related activities, an Open competition is usually run yearly by the President and Vice-president.


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