Astrophotography With Nick Gialiris

Calendar   Speaker
Date Monday, October 28, 2019at 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Duration   2h
Location176 Lakeshore Drive, Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada

By day, Nick Gialiris works in the high-tech industry for a global distributor for networking, telecommunications and cyber security. By night, he's out shooting the stars.

A long-time amateur astronomer (since he was 8 years old!), Nick owns two telescopes and enjoys doing DSLR Astrophotography with his Canon T5i.

Tonight Nick will discuss Wide-Field Astrophotography, camera settings, Critical Focus using Live View, Untracked Star Trailing, Camera Lenses for Astrophotography, Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Tracking Mount, Advanced Techniques like “Stacking” light images for increased Total Integration Time to capture more details and post-processing Images.

Should be very educational as well as entertaining!

And if that wasn't enough...

LCC member Maria Korab-Laskowska will present a new project entitled: Purposeful Photography. More details to come.