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Elected Officers

President Norm Horner
Vice-President Andreas Orfanos
Cynthia Magliocco
Secretary Jay Glendon
Treasurer Peter Clarke
Officer at Large Peter Gawel
Past-President Daniel Benn
Carmin Cristofaro

Interest Group Chairs

Architecture Stewart Harding
Peter Alves
Documentary Stewart Harding
Peter Alves
Silvio Marchei
Flora (Botanicals) Marianna Armata
Elaine Chubry
Exposure Jeanie Trubiano
Carmin Cristofaro
Expressions Maria Korab-Laskowska
Patricia Morris
Jill Lougheed
Arlene Taveroff
Fauna Pierre Laviolette
Jean-Louis Rousselle
People Cynthia Magliocco
Lori Davy
Ruth Boisvert-Blair
Sophia Xue
Landscape Robert Moranelli
Philip Colet
Pictorial Ed Krygier
Serge Gagne

Other Executive Members

CAPA Joe Hanson
Bryan Fritz
Competitions Carmin Cristofaro
Marg Foley
Club Photographer Walter Santelli
Field Trips Claude Levesque
Ness Welham
Membership Jane Melrose
Peter Clarke
Marg Foley
Newsletter Ed Krygier
Jane Melrose
Cameron Tilson
Photo Rally Brenda Chance
Social Media Marg Foley
Bryan Fritz
Teach & Tech Christopher Paynter
Joe Addona
Web/Dynamic Range Andrea DeMers