Official Club Competitions

Our aim is to help members develop a disciplined approach to photography, increase their expertise and ignite their creativity. To achieve this, we provide a friendly but competitive venue for members to have their images judged against other members' and help less skilled photographers improve and learn in competition with more advanced photographers. There is much to be learned by listening to the constructive critique given by the judges. Top ten images are reviewed and all members who submit will have one of their images critiqued. Throughout the year, the Club holds eight official competitions corresponding to our different groups of interest.

Additional information and specific rules for each of the competitions can be found in Dynamic Range.


How else to best showcase the Club if not by exhibiting the winning images (1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention) of our miscellaneous competitions?

NOTE: Complete results are accessible to members only via our members' site Dynamic Range.

Results may appear in different formats depending on what was posted at the time of the competition.

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CAPA Competitions

The Lakeshore Camera Club is proud to be a member of the Canadian Association of Photographic Artists (CAPA). Membership includes being able to participate in Canada-wide competitions that gives our club and our members national exposure.

To find out more about CAPA competitions, visit CAPA’s website.


We are pleased to say that in 2019 we received ten awards in the club member categories and eleven awards in the individual member categories! Way to go, LCC!

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Awards & Trophies


Awards are given during the last meeting of the club year, usually in June, and cover all the competitions of the year.

For each competition, the entries with the highest ordinal scores receive the following awards:

  • a certificate for first place
  • a certificate for second place
  • a certificate for third place
  • a certificate for honourable mention

The judges will break any ties for the first three places, by consensus if possible, or by majority if necessary.

In the case of Honourable Mentions, ties are permitted.

Photographer of the Year

This prestigious certificate is determined by a point scale assigned to competition placement. It is awarded to the member who has earned the highest number of points.

Historical Trophies

Historically, several trophies were awarded every year. Each trophy was awarded to the person with the highest total score of all the images submitted to a given category (categories evolved through time, sometimes cumulating more than one competitions). The following structure represents the trophies as they were awarded until June 2011.

CategoryTrophy NameGiven
Monochrome printsJ. W. Clark Monochrome Print TrophyFall & Spring
Colour printsEric Carnell Colour Print TrophyFall & Spring
Black & white or colour theme printsZoltan Kallai Print Themes TrophyFall & Spring
Pictorial imagesHarry Burbidge Photographer of the Year TrophyFall & Spring
Pictorial Theme ImagesZoltan Kallai Pictorial Themes TrophyFall & Spring
Pictorial images submitted by a new memberNettie Clark New Member TrophyFall & Spring
Nature ImagesNature Digital Division TrophyFall & Spring
Muriel Cliff WildflowersMuriel Cliff Wildflowers TrophySpring

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