Natural Landscape Competition Results

Calendar   Competition
Date Monday, November 9, 2020at 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Duration   2h

The first competition of the year is an LCC favorite - Natural Landscape. Last year there were no less than 142 submissions by over 50 members - an LCC record. (Not 100% sure about that but I defy you to contest it!).

Since most of us spent our summer and half the winter in Montreal, it will be interesting to see what is submitted this year!

A Natural Landscape is a medium to wide field of view image—as opposed to a detail or closeup—of outdoor environment incorporating elements such as mountains, canyons, lakes, snow, rivers, forests, fields, the sea, and natural geological formations. Evidence of human presence such as structures or cultivation—even people—is welcome, provided the presence of these elements complements and contributes to the natural content of the image—as opposed to dominating it—by helping the image convey a stronger sense of the scale, wonder, beauty, and power of the outdoor world.