Fauna Competition

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The top images (position of less than or equal to 10th place) for the fauna competition held on February 20th, 2017.

Not A Warm Welcome Home

by Ron Harper

1st place

Pole Vault

by Marianna Armata

2nd place

Timber Wolves

by Marianna Armata

3rd place

Great Grey Owl

by Lina Lepore

Honorable Mention

Northern Gannets

by Lina Lepore

5th place

Funnel Weaver

by Marianna Armata

6th place

Wilderbeasts of Etosha, Namibia

by Jean Ambrosii

7th place

Happy Family

by Ron Harper

8th place

Snowey Egret-Aignette neigeuse

by Michel Foucault

9th place

Red Fox

by Raymond Fong

10th place