People Competition - The New Normal

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The top images (position of less than or equal to 10th place) for the people competition - the new normal held on December 14th, 2020.

Covid Nightmare

by Marianna Armata

1st place


by Marianna Armata

2nd place


by Marg Foley

3rd place

Maestro and Student distanced across the dining room table

by Peter Alves

Honourable Mention


by Gerald Vincent

5th place

Is it safe to come out yet?

by Marianna Armata

6th place

Zoomed Out

by Marg Foley

7th place

May I help you.jpg

by Eleen Webb

8th place

And Life Goes On...

by Jeanie Trubiano

9th place

Police Protection.jpg

by Eleen Webb

10th place

Boys Will Be Boys

by Peter Gawel

10th place