People Competition

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The top images (position of less than or equal to 10th place) for the people competition held on March 30th, 2020.

Hanging on the Edge!

by Daniel Benn

1st place


by Terry Graham

2nd place


by Serge Gagne

3rd place


by Ron Harper

Honourable Mention

Last Big Hill

by Pierre Laviolette

5th place

Basketball in Brooklyn

by George Smid

6th place

Goalie's Inertia

by Marianna Armata

7th place


by Dave Farrant

8th place

Leading the Pack

by Bryan Fritz

8th place

Sea of Humanity

by Terry Graham

10th place

Wild kite sailing on Valois Bay- Pte Claire

by Frederic Hore

10th place


by Serge Gagne

10th place