Botanicals Competition: The Wonderful World of Botanicals - Picture Perfect

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The top images (position of less than or equal to 10th place) for the botanicals competition: the wonderful world of botanicals - picture perfect held on March 28th, 2022.

In the Rain Under Glass

by Lori Davy

1st place

Pretty Peony

by Eleen Webb

2nd place

Three Are A Pear

by Cynthia Magliocco

3rd place


by Marilyn Gillespie

Honourable Mention


by Joe Addona

Honourable Mention

Magnolia Dream

by Cynthia Magliocco

6th place

Oak In The Rain

by Cynthia Magliocco

7th place

Glorious Spring Tulips

by Eleen Webb

8th place

Horsetail in the Spring

by Sasha Sadilova

9th place

Drops at dusk

by Serge Gagne

10th place

Iced Flowers

by Ness Welham

10th place