Expressions Competition

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The top images (position of less than or equal to 10th place) for the expressions competition held on March 13th, 2023.


by Daniel Benn

1st place

All Aboard!

by Carmin Cristofaro

2nd place

Winter morning commute

by Carmin Cristofaro

3rd place

The words on the prophets are written on the subway walls

by Daniel Benn

Honourable Mention

Montreal Metro

by Marianna Armata

5th place

In Transit

by Patricia Morris

6th place


by Marg Foley

7th place

Foggy Day Collision

by Lori Davy

8th place

Coming and Going

by Daniel Benn

8th place


by Andreas Orfanos

10th place

Road Trip!

by Peter Gawel

10th place