Architecture & Urban Landscape

We focus on the man-made environment from close-up architectural details to wide cityscapes.

From close-up studies of architectural details, to shapes and forms of individual buildings and civil engineering structures, to wider views of the cities and towns we create and which, in turn, shape us -- our focus is on photographing the designs and patterns of the man-made environment, both interior and exterior, in which humans live, work, worship, and play.

Group Chairs

  • Stewart Harding
  • Peter Alves

Image by Diane Skinner

© Diane Skinner

Image by Raymond Fong

© Raymond Fong

Image by Gabriel Berberian

© Gabriel Berberian

Image by Ginette Morin

© Ginette Morin

Image by Marianna Armata

© Marianna Armata

Image by Bryan Fritz

© Bryan Fritz

Image by Maria Korab-Laskowska

© Maria Korab-Laskowska

Image by Marianna Armata

© Marianna Armata

Image by Daniel Benn

© Daniel Benn

Image by Pierre Peltier

© Pierre Peltier

Image by Jean-Louis Rousselle

© Jean-Louis Rousselle

Image by Lucia Marguglio

© Lucia Marguglio

Image by Ray Morency

© Ray Morency

Image by Peter Alves

© Peter Alves

Image by Marg Foley

© Marg Foley